Inter-Generational Israel Trip

Inter-Generational Israel Trip

Rabbi's Message

Many Jews [have gone] to live in Israel, of course, but even for those who did not, Israel became a real-life example of where you always knew you belonged.  If they didn’t move there, they visited; if they couldn’t visit, they prayed for it, dreamed of it, and held it softly in their thoughts from far away.  For them all, however, Israel was “home.”

-Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman


For thousands of years, no matter where we and our families have lived, the Jewish people has looked toward the land of Israel as our spiritual, national, collective homeland.  Throughout Jewish history, Israel has been precious to us for a wide variety of reasons: as a safe haven from persecution, as a living laboratory where Jewish values can be put into practice, as a piece of visible religious evidence of God’s promises, as a fertile field where centuries of Jewish connection to the land and nature’s seasons can take root.  Though the reasons for Jewish connection to Israel have mingled and shifted over the centuries, the experience of establishing our own bonds to this remarkable place has remained consistently inspiring, humbling and uplifting.  The opportunity to encounter these extraordinary experiences as part of a congregational family makes them even richer; as your rabbi and a fellow Emanu El member, I can’t wait to witness first-hand the ways in which Israel will become a part of your heart and your Jewish identity during our congregational trip next year.

I am so excited to share this transformative experience with you and your family – please plan to join us in June 2017!

-Rabbi Oren J. Hayon


Tuesday, September 20, 6:30pm- Initial meeting for families interested in going to Israel. Rabbi Hayon will speak about the itinerary and information will be made available on the dates and costs surrounding the trip. There is no obligation by attending this meeting that you will be going to Israel.

Wednesday, November 9, 6:30pm- Israel Meeting; a representative from ARZA World will be available via Skype to answer questions from prospective participants. There is no obligation by attending this meeting that you will be going to Israel.

Wednesday, February 1- Registration and $300 non-refundable deposit due to ARZA World*

Saturday, April 1– Full payment due to ARZA World

Thursday June 1– Emanu El delegation departs for Israel (arrives June 2)

Monday, June 12– Emanu El delegation departs Israel/arrives in Houston

* deposit becomes refundable if trip is canceled


An approximate cost of $5000 per person inclusive of airfare


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COntact Information

ARZA World- To register or ask frequently asked questions, contact ARZA World at 888-811-2812

Emanu El contact- Jason Plotkin, [email protected] or 713-535-6414